eZuce VoIP Phones

eZuce VoIP Phones
  • Polycom IP 560

    eZuce Polycom IP 560
    The Polycom IP 560 is an excellent phone for any office environment. The Polycom IP560 is powered by state of the art...
  • Polycom IP 450

    eZuce Polycom IP 450
    The Polycom SoundPoint IP 450 desktop phone is designed to bring advanced telephony features and applications to...
  • Polycom IP 650

    eZuce Polycom IP 650
    The Polycom SoundPoint IP 650 sets a new standard for a high-performance IP phone, designed to appeal to both executive...
  • Polycom IP 550

    eZuce Polycom IP 550
    The Polycom IP550 PoE SoundPoint desktop 4 line SIP phone features Polycom's revolutionary HD Voice technology, which...
  • Polycom IP 5000

    eZuce Polycom IP 5000
    The Polycom IP 5000 conference phone delivers remarkably clear conference calls for small conference rooms and executive...
  • eZuce Polycom IP 335

    eZuce Polycom IP 335
    The Polycom SoundPoint IP 335 phone is designed to bring a high-quality, cost effective, solution to cubicle workers/call...
  • Polycom IP 331

    eZuce Polycom IP 331
    The Polycom IP331 is a two-line SIP phone that delivers superb sound quality as well as a wide range of supported business...
  • Polycom IP 7000

    eZuce Polycom IP 7000
    The Polycom SoundStation IP 7000 is the most advanced conference phone ever developed, letting you connect two units...
  • Polycom IP 6000

    eZuce Polycom IP 6000
    The Polycom SoundStation IP 6000 is an advanced IP conference phone that delivers superior performance for small to midsize...

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